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Content Strategy

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content strategy to help you climb

Just how do we help you climb?


What does it even mean to climb? To us, it means reaching the next level of success or meeting your goals. Whatever this looks like for you, we want to be a part of it! maybe it’s sales goals, maybe it’s fundraising goals or maybe it’s engagement goals. We want to see your audience numbers, your sales, your visitors and/or your client base climb! The climb may be hard but the view from the top is ALWAYS worth it! 


Social Media

Don’t get overwhelmed by different platforms, competing strategies or the technical details. We’ve got you covered.

Website Content

Have a lot to say but no idea how to get the right words on “paper”? You aren’t alone. So many small business hire a website developer and spend time on how their digital storefront will look but then when it comes to their content, they get stuck. We can help you say what you wanna say!


Engament Specialists

We’re experts at engagement. From starting the conversation to keeping it going, engaging with your audience is the first step to getting your message across or getting a sale. Let’s chat!

Identity Workshops

Don’t need long-term management but don’t know where to start? Let’s sit down and find a strategy that will work for you and your business or organization!

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About us


Katie Sweeney is the owner and operator of Four Leaf New Media. 


Born and raised in Middle Georgia, I graduated from Georgia Tech where I was a varsity swimmer and met my husband, Matt. After working for several years in politics at the Georgia State Senate Press Office and the Georgia Tech Office of Government and Community Relations, I took a chance and moved to West Virginia with Matt and our dog, Jack, to help my father-in-law run a small business. 

There, I learned about the demands of small business management. With first hand knowledge of juggling scheduling, inventory control, customer relations and events (just to name a few), I understand how hard it can be to find time (and funds) to market a business. It was during this time that the idea for Four Leaf New Media was born and cultivated. When we moved back down south, I transitioned into a pure marketing role. I was able to hone my social media and website skills and get certified in digital marketing through the London-based Shaw Academy. I keep learning and following the ever-growing industry of inbound marketing.  

I have developed a passion for helping small businesses grow. 

We love living in Brevard, NC. We’ve found a truly special place to raise our family, ride our bikes, hike with our dog and of course…eat and drink. This area boasts an incredibly special community that we are so proud and lucky to call home.

Scribbles + Musings 

Why Western North Carolina?

My husband, our dog and I moved to Brevard in January. We’ve been here for about six months and we love it. I find it funny that so many people are perplexed about our move. Anyone new to Brevard or Western North Carolina knows that one of the...

Where to Begin with Digital Marketing

Almost three years ago, Matt and I moved up to West Virginia from our comfortable jobs in Atlanta to help my father-in-law manage an outdoor adventure park. We both went from great office jobs to managing a small business and balancing vendors, staff, and customers....

Let’s Start Something new

15 + 10 =

Four Leaf New Media was born to help small businesses succeed by helping develop and implement content marketing strategy. Marketing doesn’t have to break the bank to be successful but it does take planning and time.

Most of all it needs to be genuine and real.

Let us help you set your business up to climb!