My husband, our dog and I moved to Brevard in January. We’ve been here for about six months and we love it. I find it funny that so many people are perplexed about our move. Anyone new to Brevard or Western North Carolina knows that one of the first questions you get asked when meeting new people is: “why here?”

It’s a fair question and I have a very simple answer. Okay, several simple answers.

1. The mountains. They called. We came.
John Muir understood it. The mountains have a way of pulling you
in. Their beauty and the constant challenges they issue to be
climbed or biked or hiked is something we could not resist. We love
to mountain bike so having hundreds of miles of trails in our
backyard was seriously unbeatable. The beautiful waterfalls and
gorgeous mountain vistas aren’t too terrible either.
Check out this great video from the WNC Adventure Guide. It might explain our draw to the mountains.

2. The community/culture. We want to raise our family in a smaller town.
We love the idea of this village raising our kids. I like the idea of
knowing the parents of my kids’ friends and seeing their teachers in
the grocery store. I also love the idea of the school biking teams
and being able to walk to school. While I’m sure there are
shortcomings, it looks very appealing from where we sit.

3. The food. So much delicious, gourmet food. And beer.
Where to start? The Square Root never fails, the Phoenix is always
delicious, Wild Indigo Catering is mouthwatering at the Saturday markets, the
Chubwagon is down to earth amazing, Marco’s is equally fantastic. Everywhere
you turn there is somewhere amazing to eat. And most of it is
locally sourced! We can’t forget about the beer either. Visiting
Brevard Brewing Company or Oskar Blues are both a super fun (and
delicious) way to spend an afternoon.

4. The local love. Local businesses, white squirrels, picturesque main street and music.
Main street downtown is packed with so many wonderful local
shops. Bracken Mountain Bakery might be my personal favorite. I
can’t help but love their tasty treats. Spice it to a Tea is another
favorite – there is always something new to discover and smell and
taste. You can’t forget about the mascot of Brevard, the white
squirrel. We find that these little nuggets are what give a community
their identity. And what is an identity without a little theme song to
go along with it? Brevard has no shortage of music to choose from
between the Phoenix, The Brevard Music Center, Oskar Blues and
185 King Street, just to name a few, you can almost always find good live

These reasons are also why I decided to start my own business. There is a great
community of small businesses already here and I would love to help them
succeed through strategic content management.

We feel lucky to have stumbled into a community that has weaved together so
many wonderful attributes. From the outdoors to the food to the music, our first
six months in Western North Carolina have been a joy and we hope to enjoy
many more years.