Almost three years ago, Matt and I moved up to West Virginia from our comfortable jobs in Atlanta to help my father-in-law manage an outdoor adventure park. We both went from great office jobs to managing a small business and balancing vendors, staff, and customers. Sadly, we got so overwhelmed that marketing became too confusing and we often didn’t even get around to it. Our first off-season gave us a chance to breath and focus on those often-forgotten tasks. Then we were left wondering: where do we start?

 We got to work on our website. Optimizing our content to make sure we hit the marks on all of our top priorities . For example, we offered ATV rentals and guided tours so we wanted to make sure that if someone searched ATV rentals in West Virginia, we were at the top of the page.

After our website content was improved, we turned to Facebook. For us (and most businesses), Facebook was a lot of trial-and-error. We had to learn what engaged our audience. Eventually we moved onto Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.

 For the new business owner or the veteran business owner that is attempting to build up their online presence, I would suggest that a website is the priority. Many people may think that if they have a Facebook page, they don’t need a website but you are missing out on attracting a huge portion of your potential customer base without an online “storefront.”

After the website is in order, then you can move on to marketing yourself on social media channels. Facebook is almost a necessity in today’s business world. Getting set up with a Facebook business page is the most important step into the social media world. Then you can focus on Twitter and Instagram.

Still confused? Never fear! Give me a buzz through my website or send me a message though my Facebook page and I can help you navigate the murky online world.